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Ongoing EMDR Consultation

Ongoing EMDR Consultation

EMDR therapy is a huge field. There is always someting to learn. Ongoing consultation will help you:

Learn more of the nuances of EMDR therapy.

Learn more of what to do with clients in Phase 2 to assess them and prepare them for the reprocessing phases.

Improve your proficiency in EMDR therapy.

If you are not yet ready for EMDRIA Certification, ongoing consultation will give you more confidence to take on certification.

If you are already EMDRIA Certified, ongoing consultation will continue to add to your skills.

I was trained in EMDR therapy in 1991. I still learn more every year.

Keep your skills sharp. Stay on fidelity of the model.

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Ongoing EMDR Consultation

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Individual Consultation Rates:

$170.00 per hour.


Group Consultation

Cost: $60 session.

Please note: If you wish to do group consultation, please plan to attend the group regularly.

48-hour notice is required to cancel your appointment or payment for the missed or last minute cancellation will be due.

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