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Experience vs Mental Construct

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

sun shinning through leaves with flowers growing

I was doing my very different consultation group for some mental health professionals earlier today.  I had an awareness of how someone was sticking themselves and how the people around them were, pointing them to where they were stuck.  I could see a movie flash across my vision, of a parade of people actually chosen to help the person wake up.  As I went to speak about it everything contacted.  I was just silent for a while waiting for words or clarity to show up.

I have learned over time that Universal Truth is multidimensional.  It is not linear.  Trying to define it, or even explain it leaves most of the information out.  People often ask me questions that bring up a huge expansive awareness.  There is no way to share all that information, it is soooooooo much.  I often have to start by saying just that.  That the awareness I have about their questions is too big and has too many facits and interconnections to really be able to share.

Often attempting to put words to Truth just turns the information into a mental construct. Or the person receiving the information concretizes it and turns it into a mental construct.

I finally just said, “I can see it, but if I say what I see, it will just be a mental construct.”  These mental health professionals have been working with me long enough to understand what I was describing.  I am so appreciative of how much willingness they have to work from awareness when we meet.  There is a significant difference in them since we started.

I have read in many places numerous times over the years, how we choose our reality.  How we choose people to be in our lives.  How we make up the people who are in our lives.  This has often been just a mental construct with occasional glimpses in how this works.  And of course it is always easier to see things in others than in ourselves.

With awareness, realization, there is nothing to hold onto.  The movie plays, awareness shows up and new choices arise!  When you have a mental construct there is a closed system of only what your linear left brain can process.  A measly 10 bits per second. Did you know your right brain can process billions of bits of information per second?

I may appear to be meandering here, but there are two awareness I have to share.  First, there is a real choice in who we have in our lives.  If we are not happy with what shows up, we can use that to our advantage and ask what this person is making us aware of.  And how can we change the limitation within and invite something different to show up.  It could be as simple as saying no when people show up who are not in our best interest.  It could be speaking up and being truthful with others about what is true for us.

Second, I would invite you to notice the difference between experiencing something and mentally knowing it.  The difference between having head knowledge that you have heard from others, and having an actual “felt sense” experience of the information.  A living awareness and a more expanded view of the interplay between everything and everyone.

So here is a question.  How do I share the awareness without it becoming a mental construct?  It really depends on what people are willing to receive.  How much their world is built on mental construct being real and finite.  So, I ask, what will work right now for this person?  Of course, I require no answer.  The question is just an invitation for the awareness to show me what will work.  Whatever the person is capable of receiving in the moment.  It may just be a planting of a seed that will grow over time.

I would invite you to ask a question about where you are asking from when you are asking a question.  “Am I asking for an explanation, a mental construct?  Or am I asking to have more awareness about this?”  If you are looking for it to make sense in your linear mind, then you are looking for a construct.  If you have no attachment to what or when awareness shows up, you are asking for more awareness.  If you are asking from a place of being curious and open, you are asking from awareness.

So, I thank you for your questions.  They contribute to my expansion as well. I am grateful we walk this path together in whatever form that is.


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