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Getting Started

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

a path in the forest forking into different directions

Have you ever had the sense that life could happen completely different, that everything could be easy?  Perhaps you have had experiences where everything just flows, and you wonder why every day is not like that.  What is the difference?

Do you remember being a child and just being in the flow of life?  Wondering why the adults were getting so worked up about how things “”should” be?  What if you were correct?  What if you could perceive the ease of truth?  And at what point did you conclude you were wrong, or even bad, and gave up what you knew so you could fit in?

And when you were a teenager or perhaps a young adult did you begin to resist and react to all the rules since you could perceive the limitation they are.  Maybe you did not act out in any overt way and maybe you did.  Or maybe you just limited yourself.  What if you were perceiving something else was possible once again?

And at what point did you give up and take on the form and structure of this reality to fit in, to get it right?

And have you hit midlife and again began to “act out” (midlife crisis)?  Were you again remembering there was a different possibility?  What if you are just perceiving truth?  What if the innate wisdom within you just keeps attempting to wake you up and get you to choose truth?

What if truth looks nothing like what you thought it was?

The first place to start is to learn to perceive truth.  The truth will always make you feel lighter, more expansive, more aware of more possibilities.  A lie will always make you feel heavier, more contracted, denser.

Pay attention throughout your day for a week.  You don’t have to do anything about it yet.  This can be an eye-opening experience in itself.  The next question is: “Will you choose truth?”  Even if it makes no sense.  I cannot tell you how many people I have facilitated over the years who know exactly what is true for them and will not choose it.

So then do another experiment.  Once you have a week or so under your belt, of perceiving truth, choose it, even if it does not make sense. Even if it is out of the norm. Even if others don’t like it.  I am not talking about doing something violent or destructive to yourself or others.  I am just talking about choosing what really is true for you and brings you more ease.

Give it a chance and see what you discover.

What if you could return to the flow of you?


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