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Updated: Oct 8, 2022

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How does language contribute to how your life shows up?

Have you ever paid attention to:

  1. What words you are using when you speak? And,

  2. How those words affect you?

Here is an exercise:

Sit down and close your eyes.  Scan your body, emotions and thoughts, noticing what is there.  Notice the quality of your thoughts, i.e. are they fast, slow, evenly paced, did they dart around, or are they still?  This just gives you a baseline to start from.

Now say, out loud or to yourself, “I need.”  And notice what changes physically, emotionally and in the quality of your thoughts.

Now say, “I have.” and notice what changes physically, emotionally and cognitively.

Now say to yourself, “I want.”.  Notice what changes in your thoughts and emotions your body.

Now say, “I have.”, and notice what changes.

This little exercise gives you the opportunity to see how the words you use affect you and create your reality.  Did you know that the word want has 27 definitions that mean to lack and only one that means to desire?  So how often do you say, “I lack a new car.” (I want a new car.); “I lack a new job.”, (I want a new job.)  The words want is used constantly in this society, especially in advertising.  So essentially using these words is telling the creative source that you are choosing limitation and no choice.

Did you know that the definitions of words were changed in 1946, after World War II, specifically to garble people’s language and create limitation?  If you get a hold of a pre-1946 dictionary or a dictionary that has word origins as well, you will have definitions of words that energetically resonate correctly.  There is often more than one definition for the same word.  Are you aware of which definition you are using?

I did a session recently with someone where we slowed way down and perceived the energy of what they were saying.  Then we perceive the energy of some of the individual words in the sentence.  Then we looked up the words.  They were startled at the limitation of the words they were using.  We also compared the current dictionary definition with the origin of the word.  It was remarkably interesting to see what changes had occurred in the current dictionary versions.

Perceive the energy of the words you use and looked them up.  And then looked them up. You will be amazed.

Did you know successful people do not use words like need and want?  They just choose having.  They do not have a point of view that they lack so those words did not show up when they speak.

Bruce Lipton’s book “Biology of Belief” describes how our thoughts affect the cells in our body.  And he makes it extremely easy to follow the sequence of events that occurs biologically.  Check it out.

It is not enough to just change the words you use.   You must change the underlying belief systems that are creating the limitations, then you will find your words spontaneously changing.  If you pay attention to the words you are using you will become more aware of what underlying self-limitation you have so you can clear them, make new choices.

Where did I get this awareness?  I took several courses in Conscious Language with Bob Stevens and became a Language of Mastery instructor. Although the tools for creating change did not really work for me, I gained enormous awareness of how our words create our reality.  Those courses greatly enhanced my capacity to perceive where people create limitation in their life and living.

Once you become aware of what limitations are running your show you can use whatever tools you are familiar with to change them.  If you are not familiar with effective tools for change you are welcome to contact me for sessions where you can clear limitations which usually leads to you learning to use the tools yourself.


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