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Somatic & Energetic Resourcing

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

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I launch this blog with a revamping of the Somatic Resourcing Series I offered a few years ago.  I found the somatic activities very powerful tools for helping clients change things. How?

Our society has become so mental that most everyone I see is totally disconnected from their own innate signals, the internal wisdom that prompts us to health. The allopathic and traditional psycho therapeutic models are about managing symptoms or medicating them.  Or, controlling behavior instead of facilitating clients in how to use their symptoms as a pointer to what they are choosing in their life that is not true for them.

I stopped doing talk therapy in the early 1990’s.  I found very bright, capable clients had great insight but could not get themselves to do things differently, to make different choices.  I began to ask what could change this.  What could make changes that are organic, in alignment with who they are, not artificial and forced.

I studied a couple of body centered psychotherapies and found each had their strengths and each had their weaknesses.  I have also studied some energetic modalities for change as well that have made a significant difference for clients as well.  I like to put tools and activities into the hands of my clients, so they are creating the change for themselves and have them to work with for the rest of their lives.  Some really love this, and some would prefer for me to do the work for them, which I do not of course.

Although the profession seems to be going the way of the disconnected society and getting more mental, I am doing just the opposite.  Been there done that and it made me more stressed.  And I found it did not work.  So, I revamped my Somatic Resourcing Series to Somatic & Energetic Resourcing.

The first course in the series is called Somatic & Energetic Basics: Initial Assessment & Stabilization.  This course if packed full of somatic and energetic tools to assist you and your client in getting to know what is true for them, learning how their physical, emotional and energetic signals are communicating with them about what works for them, and activities for assessing what developmental resources are in place.  They also rebuild what is missing.  There are tools for self-awareness, tools for self-connection, tools for containing strong emotions, etc.

My work is moving more toward integrating energetic modalities with body centered ones.  The combination is pretty eye opening.  Once people have the somatic basics they are often able to move to more of an energetic awareness which has been there all along but they were never told how to use it, and in some cases were told to shut it off.

For information on what this basic course will cover CLICK HERE.

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