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Fees & Insurance

Fees & Insurance


Individual sessions are 75-minutes long and the charge is $190.00.

Full payment is due at the time of service. There is an additional $5 per day charge if payment is not received by 5:45pm the same business day of service.

When you sign up for your first session you will be asked to enter your credit card information to hold the appointment time. Your card will be charged at the time of service or if you fail to meet the 48-hour notice requirement for cancellations, or if you do not show for your appointment.

Clinical work via telephone or video conferencing is charged at the same rate as above.



I am not on any insurance panels. Why don't I take insurance? I have found the amount of time and money it takes for me to deal with insurance companies is just not worth it. I prefer to spend my time supporting and facilitating people in making changes in their lives. Also, insurance companies are moving more and more to "evidence-based treatments" so are often 10-20 years behind the upcoming modalities. And "evidenced based treatment" is only effective for about 60% of the population. It does not address the people who are excluded from studies, which they call outliers. I have always discovered treatments that are up and coming and have been eventually validated. Insurance companies dictate what tools I use for facilitation change that may not be effective in your case. I prefer not to be limited by the insurance structure.

If you have a WASHINGTON STATE insurance plan that covers an out-of-network provider, I can provide you with forms to submit to your insurance company so you can request reimbursement from them. You should call them in advance and find out find out what they cover and how many sessions they will cover so we can plan your treatment accordingly. It is important you tell me how many sessions your insurance will cover, particularly if you plan to stop treatment after your insurance benefit runs out. If you let me know we can come up with a treatment plan that fits the number of sessions you will be attending. If your plan is an out-of-state company they may not reimburse you.

Please know that I can only use tools sanctioned by your insurance company and the licensing boards, so what I can offer you in psychotherapy and within your insurance benefit will be based on their requirements. If you need a more non-traditional approach you can do Holistic Wellness instead (not covered by insurance).

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