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Consultation for Mental Health Professionals

I specialize in using experiential tools to identify if,
and to what extent, a client has a core sense of self.  

What is a core sense of Self?

I also refer to this as our authentic self.  Prior to all of the conditioning.  There is really no way that words can really ever accurately describe what this is but I can point to it with some examples.

Have you ever felt in the flow of life?  Things just get done without any thinking and figuring?  Have you ever found yourself speaking but you had no thoughts?  Have you ever experienced just knowing without all the reasoning and justification?  These are some examples of what authenticity is like.

After 10 years in the field and noticing people were not getting better by acting the right good way, or thinking the right good thoughts, or having insight, I starting exploring what would work.  At the beginning of my EMDR career we noticed that some people did not do well with EMDR and discovered it was directly related to how much their life experience interfered with their ability to reprocess very difficult memories.  As I continue to learn more experiential and body-centered activities I discovered that developmental we are often so conditioned to believe there is something wrong with us or to act other than from who we are to fit in or please those around us.  I call this ego conditioning.

I developed a training I call Somatic & Energetic Resourcing to train other professionals in activities to use, how to use them and what to look for  as a client improves.  I have noticed significant changes in just restoring healthy developmental abilities, ie: grounding, centering, boundaries, learning how to trust self, learning how we communicate with ourselves about what is authentically true for us and learn to trust it.  You can click the link in the menu to learn more about the training.

I provide consultation for both EMDR practitioners and other practitioners to learn how to use these activities to restore resources that have been breached or never built.  And, how to discover hidden gems in a person's past that can be brought forward and restore that sense of authentic self.

Consultation is another way to learn the activities and how to use them more directly tied to specific cases.

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Individual Consultation Rates:

$170.00 per hour.


Group Consultation

Cost: $60 session.

Please note: If you wish to do group consultation, please plan to attend the group regularly.

48-hour notice is required to cancel your appointment or payment for the missed or last minute cancellation will be due.

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