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Video Conferencing Information

Video Conferencing Information

We will be using Zoom for your appointment.

You will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email which will include a link to download a pdf with all of the instructions on how to set up Zoom.


Make sure to add the email to your accepted emails list so they can get through to you regularly.


If you don't see the confirmation email come in right away, check your spam or junk box to see if it was diverted.


If you still don't get the notification, contact me prior to the appointment to make sure you can get the information.


The PDF will also include a link to use to join the appointment at the appointed time.


Keep the PDF in a safe and easy remember place to access the link at the time of your appointment.


You might want to put the link, the Meeting ID & the Passcode in your calendar with your appointment so it is easy to find.

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