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For Mental Health Professionals

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Somatic & Energetic Resourcing
My Perspective

I have a foot in both the traditional and non-traditional worlds and work with both to facilitate change.  My focus with clients and Mental Health Professionals is returning to living Authentically.  To learn the difference between your Authentic Self and what you have taken on from conditioning/programming, so you can choose to return to Truth.  My observation over 40+ years of practice, is that symptoms are how your innate Truth communicates with you that you are off your own Authentic path.

If you are energetically aware and seeking change from an energetic or non-traditional approach, check out the Holistic Wellness section under Services.

If you are a Mental Health Professional interested in more body-centered, experiential and energetic approaches, or seeking consultation, including EMDR consultation, check out the For Mental Health Professionals section.

If you are looking for a more experiential approach to psychotherapy, or for EMDR, check out the Psychotherapy section under Services.

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Somatic Resourcing 1:  Know Thyself, Mindfulness & Support Activities, MP3s
Somataic Resourcing 2: Grounding Activities, MP3s
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