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Basic Training Consultation

Basic Training Consultation

Congratulations for taking on the journey of EMDR Therapy! And thank you for being willing to take on a very different way to facilitate change with your clients.

I am a Facilitator for the EMDR Institute. I am an approved consultant for the EMDR Therapy Basic Training. I am also an EMDRIA Approved Consultant.

If you took the EMDR Therapy Basic Training from the EMDR Institute then I can provide your post Weekend 1 and/or Weekend 2 consultation for your Basic Training, to fulfill your consultation requirements.

Please Note: If you took the EMDR Therapy Basic Training from any other program you will have to ask them if they will authorize the consultation hours with me. Each Trainer/Training Organization have different curriculum so may have their own approved consultant list.

You will get the best experience at integrating EMDR Therapy into your practice if you are practicing and receiving consultation in between Weekend 1 & 2. So don't wait to get started.

I have both individual and group times available. Please check the schedule tab for days and times. You will find costs under the Fees tab.

Below you will find the format to present cases and under the Required EMDR Consultation Forms tab you will find the forms to use when presenting cases.

When I do consultation for the Basic Training, I will ask you to present cases as outlined in your EMDR Therapy manual. This will get you conceptualizing EMDR Therapy from the AIP model (Adaptive Information Processing).

I will ask you to present:

An overview of the Intake (Psychosocial Interview)

What Presenting Complaints are on the Treatment Plan.

Which Presenting Complaint you will start reprocessing.

Your assessment of your client' readiness for EMDR Reprocessng and how you arrived at that assessment.

If your client requires preparation to be able to handle traumatic material coming up during reprocessing, and what tools do you plan to use.

Present your EMDR Reprocessing Plan worksheet. What targets are on all three Prongs (past, present, future).

Present what Memory Target you began reprocessing and what resulted in Phases 3-7.

Completion of all 3 prongs of the reprocessing plan.

There is a Participant's Checklist in the Appendix of your manual that will be helpful to print out and track your progress.

Click Here to Schedule EMDR Consultation for Basic Training

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Individual Consultation Rates:

$170.00 per hour.


Group Consultation

Cost: $60 session.

Please note: If you wish to do group consultation, please plan to attend the group regularly.

48-hour notice is required to cancel your appointment or payment for the missed or last minute cancellation will be due.

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