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EMDRIA Certification Consultation

EMDRIA Certification Consultation

Contact me to discuss a plan for EMDRIA Certification. You can schedule an informational appointment so we can go over requirements and come up with a plan. It is not as simple as just doing consultation hours.

Consultation for EMDRIA Certification

Here is an overview of how I structure EMDRIA Certification consultation.

Besides providing consultation I have to write a letter of recommendation as to your ability to adhere to and work within the fidelity of EMDR Therapy model.

The only way I can do that is to see your work. This can be done via videotape submissions or live demonstration.

What do I look for? Do you demonstrate competency in:

All 8 Phases

All 3 Prongs

In your ability to assess clients for appropriateness and readiness for reprocessing phases.

In the Recent Events Protocol, Phobia Protocol, Resource Development Installation

Applying EMDR Therapy various specialty populations, including knowing when to refer to a specialist.

When I do consultation for the EMDRIA Certification, I will ask you to present cases as outlined in your EMDR Therapy manual. This will get you conceptualizing EMDR Therapy from the AIP model (Adaptive Information Processing).

I will ask you to present:

An overview of the Intake (Psycho-social Interview)

What Presenting Complaints s are on the Treatment Plan.

Which Presenting Complaint you will be reprocessing.

Your assessment of your client' readiness for EMDR Reprocessing and how you arrived at that assessment.

If your client requires preparation to be able to handle traumatic material coming up during reprocessing, and what tools do you plan to use.

Present your EMDR Treatment Planning worksheet. What targets are on all three Prongs (past, present, future).

Present what Memory Target you began reprocessing and what resulted in Phases 3-7.

Completion of all 3 prongs.

There is a Participant's Checklist in the Appendix of your manual that will be helpful to print out and track your progress.

I prefer to do EMDRIA Certification in either an individual or group of two-person format. Practicing in a group with one other person is a good way to do live demonstrations of your work if videotaping is difficult for you.

You will find costs under the Fees tab. Use the Contact Me tab to schedule a time to discuss how the certificatiton process goes and come up with a plan to use your time most efficiently.

My target when preparing EMDR Therapy clinicians for EMDRIA Certification, is for you to be thoroughly versed in EMDR Therapy. Are you ready for the journey? I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Click Here to go to the EMDRIA Website for all of the information for Certification.

Click the Contact Me tab below to set up a

time to plan for EMDRIA Certification

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Individual Consultation Rates:

$170.00 per hour.


Group Consultation

Cost: $60 session.

Please note: If you wish to do group consultation, please plan to attend the group regularly.

48-hour notice is required to cancel your appointment or payment for the missed or last minute cancellation will be due.

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