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Holistic Wellness

What is included in a Holistic Wellness Session?

We will focus on what you would like to change. And I will give you feedback about anything I may be aware of that is outside of your current awareness.

From here I will recommend which tools I have that may be most effective. Most often I will give you activities to use on your own for a continuing unfolding.

We will also do some activities during the session where you may notice differences in session and unfolding afterwards.

Often more than one session may be needed to get a consistent change. This depends on how much and how many ways you have created separation from your authenticity to adapt to life.

There is one commonality all people who are Living Authentically have.

If you ask anyone who has finally given up their identification with their ego, what is different now, they will tell you they are at peace. Things just work out. What they require in work, relationships, health, just shows up. And they are asking is very different. They ask what they can contribute. They ask to be directed in what to do, say or think. Even in the midst of turmoil they know things are and will be ok. They will tell you they gave up believing their personality was them, and now their life is directed authentically.

As a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, I use a variety of tools to help you to reach your Authentic State. This can include experiential activities, somatic activities and energetic activities.

I have extensive training in numerous modalities. I don't always use just one modality and often use a variety or a blend of tools.

Have you had moments of Living Authentically?

Did everything just drop into place with ease? Did you feel expansive, aware of more than you usually are? Did you experience more joy? Did you feel expansive? Did you even have any thoughts? Or just impressions and awareness? Would you like more of that?

How many courses have you taken, or sessions have you done, that have been about the mental concept and techniques vs the actual experience of you experiencing You?

And, in those courses were you experiencing Your energy or the energy, the higher vibration, of the instructor or facilitator? What if experiencing their energy gives you a taste of what is possible but is not the same as you experiencing Your own authentic expression? What if you could experience Your own unique Authentic Self?

There are two important parts to returning to the Authentic You.

First, you have to develop the ability to experience your authenticity. To spend time expanding your authentic experience. Second, you have to clear away what you have defined as you that is false, that blocks you from Living Authentically.

What do I do?

My greatest joy is facilitating you to Live Authentically. To let your innate wisdom direct your living. To really have the “felt sense” of your own unique energy. To create experiential activities where you can experience your authenticity and eventually crave it, choose it and demand it of yourself.

We will use experiential activities that allow you to explore, compare and contrast, your Authenticity vs your ego/personality/false self. Your energy vs what you are picking up around you. And, how your physical sensations, emotions, quality of thinking and energy communicate with you about what is going on, with you and with others. To tell the difference between when you are directly connected and expressing the authentic You, and when you have lost your connection and are back in ego/personality/false self.

What if you started CRAVING YOU? Instead of something horizontal around you?

How much could change organically if you were LIVING AUTHENTICALLY, expressing the Authentic YOU?


$175.00 for 45-minute session.

$200.00per hour.

Video Conferencing Information
Video Conferencing Information

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