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New Client Forms

By our first session we will have to complete the required paperwork (required by the state of WA before treatment can begin). 


From there we will start gathering history and identifying what you are coming to address.

Here is a video to walk you through the different sections if you need it.

Click the full screen button to the left of the butterfly to expand it. 

There are two documents that must be completed by the first session, or during the first session.  To save you time and money please fill them out before our first session.


First Document

This one document has the Registration form, the Disclosure form, the Financial Policy & the Communication Policy all in one long document.


I use a service called SignWell for you to fill out and sign the required paperwork.  Click the link below to initiate the process.  

You will be asked to type in your name and email.  The document will be set up and then emailed to you.  When you open the email click the link and read and sign the documents.


Please note:  There are some check boxes that are not marked as required.  There was no dropdown menu option so I had to leave them as not required.  But you MUST make a choice in the boxes or I will not be able to honor your choice.

This is a really easy program.  Click the link below for instructions if needed.

Make sure to return to this tab in your browser to download and complete the Psychosocial.

Second Document

You will need Adobe Reader to download this form.  If you open it in another program you may not have the fillable fields to fill it out.

If you already have Adobe Reader, make sure it is up to date so you will have the necessary icons for signing the document.  To check for updates, open Adobe Reader, Click on Help and Click Check for Updates.

If you don’t have Adobe Reader You can download a free version of the Adobe Reader by clicking here.

Please note:  Make sure to uncheck any boxes in the Optional Offers section so you only download the reader.

Below is a video if you need help.

Click the button above to download the form.  Fill it out.  Save it (click the save icon in the upper left of the document).


Download the form to your computer.  This is a fillable form but it may not be fillable from a browser and you may not be able to save your work from a browser.

So you must first download it to your computer and then fill it out and save it.

Drop the Psychosocial into the VSee Messenger chat box in advance of the appointment.

See the video to the left if you need more help.

Click the button below to return to the New Client Scheduling Instructions
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