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An Observational Tool

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

woman leaning over a barrier overlook the water

During intense times we are offered the opportunity to clear what is not who we truly are.  Well, maybe pushed more intensely instead of just offered at this point.  Have you had more intense interactions with others?  Have you found your own thoughts, or the viewpoints of others have been more negative lately?  Have you found more challenging circumstances in your life lately?  If so, I would invite you to re-frame these as opportunities to clear away what is not true for you.  And, when I say you, I am referring to your true Self, not your ego or personality.

It is very helpful to have a variety of tools for (1) assessing what is your ego or personality, and what is your true Self, and (2) tools for clearing the limitations, choices, and belief patterns that are not authentically you.

I was reminded of an old tool I learned from a class many years ago, for observing how much we get caught up in what people say and ignore what is really going on.  I used this tool for many years when I trained people, who worked with violent clients, how to interact with them non-violently.  As in all my training, I first focus on building observational strategies.  Not just of others but of self as well.  This tool is really good for observing how you get caught up in external references.  How you get caught up in words instead of Truth.

Here is the tool.  Turn your television or computer on and find a live broadcast or a video recording of people having a conversation.  Watch the interaction and notice what you focus on.  Notice your physical and emotional reactions to what is occurring.

Now turn the sound off and keep watching.  What changes?  What else did you become aware of that you did not notice when you heard the conversation?  What did you miss when you were caught up in the content?  What changed in your physical and emotional reactions?

This was a foundational tool for me, learning how to be aware of the big picture, of what the core issues were behind the words.  It has been invaluable for me in learning how to witness what is occurring instead of being caught up in it.

This can help take the intensity out of things when they show up.  It can help you sort out what is yours, and what you are identifying as yours, that you are just perceiving in others.  It can be invaluable in learning how you get tangled up in external events, instead of being able to contribute a core stability in those same events.

This tool makes it easier to decrease your reactivity to events, and then use clearing tools to clear any connection you have to them, and any reactions you have.


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