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Does Change Seem Elusive?

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

the word change in blocks

What have you freed yourself from in the last month?  How much more have you been operating from your Authentic Self in the last month?  It is helpful to take stock each month on how much more you are stepping into the truth of You.

It is often when we look back that we see how much progress we have made.  There is so much to entice us to go back down the rabbit hole of illusion, not Self, in our daily lives.  Life happens, and speeds up. It is easy to get disoriented.  Not have “time.”

It does take persistence and getting back on track on a daily basis to have more of You each day.  Sometimes it feels overwhelming, and that all the work you have done to clear things is in vain.  The same challenge appears to show up over and over.

Do you succumb to that illusion?  Or, do you pick your Self up, dust your Self off and know that each time you clear what is not You, You untangle the illusion, the lie, the limitations of the ego preventing You from expressing authentically in this insane reality.

What if repeatedly clearing what appears to be the same thing over and over, is actually untangling a very complicated web you wove over time, in many lives, dimensions, realities, universes, and so on.  What if you are pulling your threads out of the insane illusion of limitations in ways your limited ego could never see? What if you trusted the Source of You is supporting you in untangling the illusion you created?

How do you know?  If you feel heavy, tired, contracted, angry, fearful, doubtful, repeating the same limiting pattern over and over, you are living from limitation.  As you remove these limitations your energy picks up, your perspective and awareness expand, you have more times of joy, peace and certainty.

Keep unwrapping and letting go of those limitations.  Spend a little time each day connecting to your Authenticity.  Do so a few times a day. It helps to remember what you are returning to.  It helps disrupt the illusion throughout the day, the unconsciousness.  To break its hold on you.  Who would not like a little peace, ease and joy interspersed throughout the day. It only has to take a couple of moments.


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