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Joy as a Doorway to Source

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

little girl blowing bubbles

I was walking in the woods the other day.  I felt very disconnected and realized it was because of all the mental work I have been doing to put two new programs together.  The more I walked I the woods the more connected I became. One of the things (and there are many) I like about nature is it is always available for connection.  It is always connected and expressing the source that creates all.

I finally felt more connected to me as well and was appreciating how all the life in the woods had invited me to be in connection with everything once again.  Notice it did not try to make me connect, it was just being connected that was the invitation.

I realized I had not been asking a question I had been asking very regularly that made life really fun so I asked it as I was walking.  Feeling so appreciative of nature I asked, What joy can I be for all of this nature right now.  Immediately I had a felt sens of a very profound connection to a vast source of gratitude, appreciation and kindness.  I had tears well up and an even more potent sense of appreciation and gratitude for the source of everything.  A field that permeated my body with a very nourishing, whole energy.

This reminded me of another time many years ago when I was in a cave with some other people doing a class and this same energy came up.  At that time it was very painful.  Surprising?  What myself and my friends realized is the pain was much like using a muscle that has atrophied.  Initially there is pain as it is being used for the first time.  And as it comes back into tone the use of it is more and more strong.

As this nourishing energy flooded my body the tears I was experiencing was where I had been in disconnection from source.  So I used this opportunity to clear anything in me that disconnects from the source of all creation.  The tears left, my body relaxed and there was even more room for communion with this joyful, kind energy that is the source for all creation.  I spent the rest of my walk just being in thank you, thank you, thank you.  More expansion, more joy and more gratitude.

So I invite you to ask the question throughout your day, “What joy can I be for me, my body, the earth and everyone and everything around me?”

See what energy shows up.  Anything that shows up blocking that, clear it.  Then allow yourself to bathe in the joy that shows up and allow it to direct your day.

If you don’t have tools for clearing blocks in this kind of joyful energy I would be honored to share some with you either in individual sessions or in a class setting.

What joy will you contribute to you and everyone around you today?


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