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What Do You Believe?

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

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I have been doing a great deal of clearing with a variety of tools for numerous years how.  Some very interesting awareness and capacity has shown up after removing many obstacles.  A word that has been jumping out at me lately when people speak, is the word believe.

“What do you believe?”  “I believe _____.”  What has become clear to me is the difference between belief and awareness.  This is how I would describe the difference.  Belief is a story we make up or buy from others.  Awareness is a knowing based on experience of the awareness.

Now the difference can get tricky, since the ego is really good at co-opting Truth and creating a belief out of it.  There is a difference between when people know the mental computation, the belief, the story, what they read or were told; and the direct experience where there are no words, just awareness.

I took a body-centered training from 1991-1993 where we learned to stop listening to what people said.  Does that seem kind of odd for a mental health training?  We learned how the story or content of what people said would distract us from what was asking to change. 

This has been core principle for my practice ever since.  If I get caught in a client’s story I will believe the person’s limitations.  When I ask questions about the bigger picture and what will change it, I am effective.  People get change when they step out of their story.

I received a survey today, from a grad student, about how trauma work with clients effects the therapist’s wellbeing.  Many of the questions were difficult to answer.  They asked what I “believed” about certain things.  But I had no” belief”.  I had no viewpoint at all.  It was obvious the research was about belief structures creating reactions, but the student and the supervising professors were unaware of the flaw.

As I watch interviews on tv of the political candidates for elections, I see the stories running in their heads they are projecting to the public.  The fight appears to be over whose projection is better.  Yet no projections are True.  I get this image of projectors floating above their heads, and the heads of the reporters, projecting stories and polarity to all who will listen.  Comical really.

So, what if any time you believed something you cleared the belief?

What awareness of Truth could you experience that would open a whole new world for you?

Can you even fathom not having any beliefs?

This is a pretty advanced milestone so celebrate when you reach it!

It brings with it great relief.


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