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Clearing Beliefs Contributes to Others

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

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I am a bit stunned by what all has transpired in the last few weeks and year.  We are faced with an unprecedented challenge of maintaining our own stability in the midst of a pandemic and political unrest.  And assisting our clients in creating a maintaining their own stability many of whom have never had stability.

Very early in my career I worked in crisis centers and locked psychiatric programs. I was training staff to intervene with violent behavior, nonviolently.  The first part of the training included looking at our own history, beliefs and triggers, and how they contribute to the interaction with someone threatening violence.

As we have been taught in our degree programs, we all project.  We will see in others what we believe. What we believe is a product of our conditioning.  We don’t really see things as they are, we see them through our own filters.  Quantum physics has proven that when we observe something, we change the outcome based on our own projections.  This is also why I have mixed feelings about research.  It can be helpful but has a lot of flaws when it comes to results for a number of reasons.  But that is another post.  Click Here to see Michael Neil’s Ted Talk, “Why Aren’t We Awsomer?” I use this video in session to help clients discover how unreliable our mind really is.

During training for working with violence nonviolently, in my Somatic & Energetic Resourcing courses and in my practice, my focus has been on tools to discover the difference between our conditioned beliefs and what is Authentically True.  Tools for stepping out of our conditioned virtual reality and beliefs so we are no longer triggered by events around us.  So, we can respond to what is occurring in present time, instead of being driven by the past.  So, we can see the infinite possibilities we cannot see because of our limited conditioning and beliefs.

Building this core stability in Phase 2 of EMDR makes the reprocessing phases go so much easier.  Many clients report enormous change with these tools.  They are the easily accessible in Reprocessing Phases 3 through 6, making reprocessing go easier.  Some clients don’t get it.   Mostly because they are unwilling to give up what they think.  They think that what they think is true and are not curious about what else is available.  As AA says, “If you are thinking, you are stinking.”   Often it just takes too much work for them to be aware enough to catch the patterning and make a new choice.

Right now, I am using many of my energetic tools to clear my own triggers and reactions, so I take the charge out of the collective field.  Trying to talk to people about how their reactions contribute to the collective really does not work.  What I can do is take responsibility for my own charge, beliefs, triggers, and clear them so I am not contributing on a larger scale.

I have been wondering if others are interested in doing the same.  If you feel drawn to doing so let me know and I may set up an ongoing group for learning various tools, or where to learn about them, and practicing clearing our own charge.

I’ve experienced, and my clients have reported, feeling their own release of issues and spontaneous changes in the people around them when we have cleared our own issues.  No polarity, no convincing other people, no proving our perspective.  Changes in ourselves contributes to others.

If you might find a gathering like this helpful let me know and I will look at time possibilities.  I know I can find time on some Mondays and Thursdays.

Please take good care of yourself in these challenging times.

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