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Closing out 2023

They say we live in interesting times but I never would have imagined they could get this crazy and contentious.  Looking over the course my career has taken, I am grateful to have found a way to work with clients to empower them to return to their innate wisdom, to be who they are.  To let go of all of the conditioning and trauma they have experience that has shrouded them in thoughts, emotions, physical and energetic experiences that are not who they are.

I use to work in locked psychiatric settings, crisis centers, in juvenile justice, mental health centers and social service organizations.  Because of those experiences when I learned EMDR (in the very early days - 1991) many of the clients I worked with could not tolerate EMDR therapy.  When I did the EMDR therapy training I too could not get a change.  Since I am always asking what will work, I continued to look for ways that those with complicated histories could receive the benefit of EMDR therapy.  I had seen such change for those who had more positive experiences and internal resources there had to be a way.  

My Bodynamic training and various trainings in energetic interventions really showed me there is a core wisdom, an authenticity we all are.  Bringing that forward and helping clients get a felt sense experience of that core stability became a game changer for my clients.  I developed the Somatic & Energetic Resourcing courses so other therapists could help their clients discover this innate wisdom/authenticity they are as well.  The course has evolved over the years with more added as I learned more, to be what it is today.

The feedback has been really exciting.  Many clinicians who have taken the course have shared some really fun changes for their clients.  And, for themselves.  It is so much fun to see the light bulbs come on for people when they have the felt sense experience of their core stability.  This has been true for both new and very seasoned clinicians.  

This work can be very subtle which means some clients take longer to really get it but when they do a whole new world opens up.  It is important to be consistent and a bit relentless.  

I continue to be amazed at how much people have survived.  How lost from who they are that they become.  I feel like my role is to be a guide, a facilitator helping them to find their way out of the maze.  Once the reprocessing can take place, this too can take some time for things to change.  In some cases I have had clients that have taken 9 months to a year when things begin to finally lighten up.  When they start it may take them multiple weeks to clear one memory.  At some point there are enough memory networks that are reprocessed that resources we built in Phase 2 are able to come fully forward and make it easier to reprocess.  I often tell clients as they move through there is a flip and memories become easier to reprocess.  They often can do multiple memory targets in one session.  Then it

gets really fun to see the changes occur.

Somatic & Energetic Resourcing 1: Initial Assessment & Stabilization - Upcoming Dates

I have new dates for the Somatic & Energetic Resourcing 1 course, 4 Fridays, Feb 9, 17, Mar 1 & 22.  The February dates are on my website and EMDRIA credits are approved.  

There are tentative dates of 4 Monday, June 3, 10, 24 & July 15th, not yet posted.

There are more Somatic & Energetic Resourcing activities now available to add to your toolbox if you have completed the initial training.  I will be doing periodic 3 hour meetings to share these tools and answer any questions that have come up as you have been implementing the work.

I am also working on a Self-Awareness course for clients.  Every time I think I am getting close to the end more information comes up so it will be packed with information.

Thank you for supporting your clients in finding their core stability.  That core stability makes it so much more empowering to deal with all that is going on these days.

Take care,


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