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VSee Messenger


We will use the VSee Messenger to share documents and for private, confidential communication between sessions.  

If you prefer to have a copy of the information on this page you can download a PDF by clicking the button below.

All the details you need to:

  • Join My Network,

  • Download the program,


Make sure to read through the entire document and set up the program before we meet.  

To participate in Telehealth, you must be technically savvy enough to use the platforms.  
VSee Messenger

VSee is a HIPPA compliant messenger chat that provides secure document sharing

for the initial required Intake.  And, for any future documents needed.  We will also

use it for confidential communication between sessions.

I receive an email notification when you message me or drop a document into the

VSee chat.  For a quicker response it is a good idea to do a regular text to notify

me there is a message for me in VSee.  Sometimes I am unable to check email if I

am in sessions throughout the day.  I will see the text quicker.

If you are requesting an insurance billing form to submit to your insurance, the

VSee Messenger Chat will allow me to get those forms to you between sesisons.

Make sure to sign out of VSee after each appointment so anything in the chat box

remains private on your end.

Downloading VSee

You will have to download the VSee Client to your computer or tablet.  All of the instructions to join my network are below.  There are also links to their site where you can read the instructions of how to set up the program.  


Make sure you download the program and join my network before we meet. This

will prevent you from using your therapy time for technical help.


Download Instructions

  1. Accept my Invitation & Downlod the VSee App

  2. Log Into VSee Messenger


You can upload the Intake form into the VSee chat box prior to our first meeting.

If you encounter a problem signing into VSee.

VSee makes their messenger free but when the pandemic hit, they were

overwhelmed with people using it. When people tried to sign into the App

directly, they were getting messages to pay for the service. I do not know if they

are still doing so. As long as you are joining me there will be no charge.


If you get a message to pay use this link:  and sign in under Existing User on the right.  VSee then knows you are in my network, and you get in for free.

​Zoom for Therapy Sessions

  • I recommend that you put the Link, Meeting ID & Passcode to join the therapy sessions in your calendar where your appointment is scheduled.  Then it will always be available.

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