VSee Messenger


Our Initial visit will be via VSee Messenger.  This will us to complete any required paperwork with signatures and to share files in the future as needed.

If you prefer to have a copy of the information on this page you can download a PDF by clicking the button below.

All the details you need to:

  • Join My Network,

  • Download the program,

  • Set up the Audio & Video, and so on are below. 


Make sure to read through the entire document and set up the program before we meet.  

To participate in Telehealth, you must be technically savvy enough to use the platforms.  


To join a Telehealth visit you must have:

  1. Adequate internet speed, hard wired into your computer is best but wifi will work if there are no other people using it at the same time.  The more people on the wifi the slower your speed will be to run the video program.

  2. A headset (earbuds that work with your computer are good enough).  Your computer's microphone can pick up your speakers and feed it back into the conference causing echoes, and painful feedback.  Using a headset prevents this.

  3. A computer fast enough to run the video conferencing platform,

  4. A private place where others will not hear or see you during your appointment.


You will need to be on a either a computer or tablet for an appointment.  Phone screens are too small.  I often share information with you using screen share.  The screen is too small to see the content.  I frequently use the chat box to share links or documents with you with added resources that can be helpful for you.  You will not have a chat box option for documents on a phone.

Initial Appointment

Our initial appointment will be on VSee.  It’s messenger chat provides secure document sharing for the initial required documents for the intake process.  And, for any future documents needed.


If you are requesting an insurance billing form to request your insurance company reimburse you for your appointments, the VSee Messenger Chat will allow me to get those forms to you.  Make sure to sign out of VSee after each appointment so anything in the chat box remains private on your end.  

Downloading VSee

You will have to download the VSee Client to your computer or tablet.  All of the instructions to join my network are below.  There are also links to their site where you can read the instructions of how to set up the program.  


Make sure you download the program and set up your microphone and camera a few days BEFORE we meet so you are familiar with how to use it.  This will prevent you from using your therapy time for technical help.  


Download Instructions

  1. Accept my Invitation & Downlod the VSee App https://my.vsee.com/s/5dc60129374d

  2. Log Into VSee Messenger https://help.vsee.com/kb/articles/log-in-vsee-messenger

  3. Audio, Video & General Settings https://help.vsee.com/kb/articles/audio-video-and-general-settings


Once you download and set up the program you can use the Test Call to test your camera and microphone settings.  


You can upload all the intake forms you filled out prior to our first meeting in the chat box.  Then we will be ready to get them finalized and go over any questions you have in our first session.  If you do not have any questions about the information in the forms, you can go ahead and sign the documents ahead of time.  If you have questions on some or all, then we can sign them together when we meet. 

System Requirements
  1. Internet Connection – VSee recommends you have 500kbps for stable internet connection.  You will need a Minimum of 200kbps upload and download to run VSee.  You can go to https://www.speedtest.net  to test your upload and download speeds.

  2. You will have a more stable and secure connection if your internet is hardwired into your computer or tablet.  

  3. If you are using Wifi and there are other people in your household using the internet that

    1. You have the primary use so your do not lose connection (if you have fast enough speed to support more than one person at a time).

    2. Or there is no one else using the internet during your appointment.

To Sign into VSee after the first session.

VSee Initially made their messenger free but when the pandemic hit, they were overwhelmed with people using it.  When people tried to sign into the App directly, they were getting messages to pay for the service.  I do not know if they are still doing so.  As long as you are joining me there will be no charge.  


If you get a message to pay use this link: https://my.vsee.com/s/5dc60129374da  and sign in under Existing User on the right.  VSee then knows you are in my network, and you get in for free.

  • After the initial intake is completed, we will use Zoom for our regularly scheduled meetings.  You will receive a document in the VSee Messenger Chat box to set up join me on Zoom in further sessions.  

  • Download the instructions and store them somewhere where you will have access to it each week.  When VSee does their updates all the information in the chat is deleted so you will need store the document in a safe place to be reused.

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